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  • I am older than 39, can I still join your tours?

We are a tour company for students and backpackers and we mainly target to 18 to 39's because we are specialised in the youth travel market.  All our tours are designed for younger travelers. They can be more fast-paced, budget-minded, and includes activities for travellers to meet and have fun with other passengers of the same age from all parts of the world! We are not strict with the age limit and people older than 39 are always welcome as long as you are young in heart, have no walking disabilities and are happy to be with younger people. 

Our brand is designed around this unique experience geared towards younger travellers, so only passengers that fit this demographic travel with us. 

  • I’m having difficulties with my credit card when making the booking. What should I do?

Don’t panic! The first step is to speak to your bank. All purchases made on our website will appear as purchases being made in Switzerland as our website booking provider is a Swiss-based company, so be sure your bank is aware you will be making Swiss purchases to avoid having your payment flagged as possible fraudulent activity. If you cannot resolve the problem with your bank, you should email info@italyonabudgettours.com immediately so we can proceed  you with a manual booking.


  • When I am paying for a tour, the amount is converted in my currency. Why is the price conversion different?

Let us start from saying that If you want to pay for one of your products but the Credit Card is in a different currency than the currency in which wel sell our tours, then you have 2 options. This can be selected on the screen where you enter your credit card details by selecting "view currency conversion options": 


Option A

TrekkSoft does the currency conversion to accept the customer's currency, exchanging that into the currency in which we operate our tours.  This is called dynamic currency conversion since we display the actual USDprice  (Or whatever currency your card is in) to the you at the time of booking and this is the amount which is debited from your card without any further conversions or charges.


Option B

The card issuer ( your bank) does this currency conversion and applies a commission and processing fee. So this is when a tour is in EUR for example, and you are charged in EUR even though your credit card account is in USD. So your bank gives you an exchange rate which you will only see on your monthly statement. 

In either case, as we are not a bank, the conversion is not the same as you would see on the likes of xe.com since these are the wholesale currency values, these rates are not available to anyone in reality. 

The retail rates are always higher since there are differences in buying selling rates, and there are commissions and transaction fees when exchanging currencies. Whatever currency you pay, we will receive the amount as displayed in EUR


  • I am trying to book a trip, but the date it is no longer showing up on the site. What does this mean?

This could either mean that the tour is sold out or that it is no longer possible to book the date online due to the cut off time. If you are interested in a specific departure date  e-mail info@italyonabudgettours.com and we will be happy to let  you know if we still have available spots for that tour.


  • Are the hostels safe?

The hostels we collaborate with are very safe in fact in each room you can find a personal locker where you can store your valuable objects and bags. You just need to bring your own lock or sometimes you can hire it directly at the reception.

  • Do I need a VISA?

Depending on your nationality, you may requirevisas to enter Italy.You are fully responsible for obtaining all necessary visas prior to the departure of your trip. Italy on a Budget is not legally permitted to knowingly allow anybody who does not have a valid visa to join a trip. Consult your travel agne to determine which visas you require and how to obtain them.

  • Do I need a Travel insurance?

CAncellation, unexpected medical expenses, injuries, theft, lost luggage or money can significantly dirupt and ruin your holiday. Italy on a Budget strongly recommends that you take our comprehensive insurance cover for cancellation, medical expenses, evacuation and repatriation expensesn, personal accident, personal baggae, money and public liability before you travel. 

  • Will I receive more information about our holidays?

Upon receipt of final payment, your trip documentation will be released 20 days prior to your departure containing final details and info about the accommodation . You will aslo receive a day by day itinerary including full details & costs of all optional activities available on your trip. 

  • How do I book the Optional Activities?

The optional activities need to be arranged and organised not later than 1 week prior your arrival since they are subject to availability. You can either book the activities directly on our website or by email sent to our team. You can choose to pay in cash ( local currency ) directly to your trip manager on day one of your trip or by credit card if booked online.

  • How do I reach Italy?

Italy has many airports but the main ones are Rome, Venice, Pisa, Bologna and Milan. If you are in Europe and you are travelling to Italy we recommend you to visit Ryanair.com and Easyjet.com which are the most common and cheap airlines.



Rome has 2 airports: Fiumicino FCO and Ciampino CIA with easy and cheap city center connections. Venice has 2 airports: Marco Polo ( 30 mins to Venice) and Treviso ( 1h30m to Venice). There are many cheap European airlines.

Transportation from and to the airport Fiumicino of Rome:

By train
The Leonardo Express is the direct train that serves the route between the airport and the centre of the city of Rome every 30 minutes.
- Trains from Termini depart from the track 24 on the right. Ticket costs euro 11, available at the counter as well as the Termini news stand. Tickets sold at the departure platform are more expensive. Get your ticket stamped in a yellow validation machine just before using it. Ticket expires 90 minutes after validation.
The ultramodern train Leonardo Express,  covers the distance in 30 minutes.
There is also the possibility to use the older technology city’s metropolitan train that has a correspondence with the Metro. The metropolitan train FM1 links the airport of Rome with the regions Roma Tiburtina, Fara Sabina, Poggio Mirteto and Orte.
The Metropolitan train leaves from the track on the left but does not stop at Termini. Get off at Tiburtina Station or at Ostiense Station to connect to the Rome Metro.

By Shuttle Bus
The bus line Terravision Shuttle Bus serves the route between the airport and the central station of Rome, Termini.
70 minutes, 5 stops, 7 services a day.

Transportation from and to the airport Ciampino of Rome:

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