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Spend 3 days feeling like a superstar onboard your private sailboat.

Get the chance of a lifetime to enjoy the Amalfi Coast from a unique point of view.

Admire the seaside villages, soak up the sun, take the perfect holiday pictures, experience life at sea on this luxurious journey.


DAY 1: Sorrento - Amalfi - Conca dei Marini - Positano

DAY 2: Positano - Li Galli - Capri Island - Ischia

DAY 3: Procida - Blue Grotto - Sorrento



  • A unique way to experience the Amalfi Coast

  • 3 days accommodation onboard your own Sailboat

  • Welcome drink 

  • Swim stop at Conca dei Marini 

  • Enjoy your own made dinner on board overlooking the beautiful Positano village

  • The chance to visit the Emerald Grotto

  • Regular swim stops

  • Evening visit at the Island of Ischia

  • Visit to Palombara village on Procida Island

  • Regular swim stops

  • BYO food and drink 

  • You Professional Skipper

  • Your local ‘Guest Experience Leader’

  • Towels, bed linen end of week cleaning fees

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Board your own sail boat from Salerno’s Marina di Arechi at 10:30 am and start getting comfy in your assigned cabin after a short briefing on the safety equipment of the boat.

Once you’re all set, we will start our navigation sailing along the magical Amalfi Coast. You will have the unique opportunity to truly appreciate its beauty as you will be admiring both the coastline and the charming little villages along it, from your private boat. Just imagine the wind in your hair, the sun up in the sky and the beautiful view in front of you. 

Not long after we’ll pass the famous town of Amalfi, we will stop for a swim in the wonderful Conca dei Marini and if you wish, we will also visit the Emerald Grotto. 

We will sail towards Positano in the afternoon where we will moor our sailboat for a dinner  overlooking this lovely coastal hotspot.


Depart from Positano in the morning to Li Galli Islands, where according to mythology sirens were said to have inhabited the area in the past.

We will then sail to Capri Island, a destination famous amongst the jet setters for its natural beauty, Roman ruins and celebrity’s yachts ever present along its coasts. Here it will be possible to moor and to have lunch on board.

Later in the afternoon we will sail by Punta Carena in Capri and we will eventually reach the island of Ischia. 

Ischia is the largest island in the bay of Naples and it’s known for its lush vegetation, its numerous spas and its lovely port, where we will moor for the night for you to enjoy dinner in one of the many restaurants on the bay.


Today, after breakfast, set sail to the pastel colored village of Palombara on the island of Procida.  We will then navigate to the famous Blue Grotto, a sea cave on the Coast of Capri illuminated by the sunlight, which creates a blue reflection in the water.

There will be time for a long swim and then lunch will be on board.

After 5 hours of navigation we will reach our starting point in Salerno in the late afternoon, where we will say our goodbyes after these 3 lovely days together


PAYMENT OPTIONS: Pay a € 100 deposit only at the time of the booking and the remaining balance in full 45 days prior to the tour. See Terms & Conditions for more details.

Responsibilities for the Skipper on board:

The skipper on board is responsible for the conduction of your vessel in order to ensure the maximum comfort and security during navigation. Your skipper will know what is the best route and best location for mooring or anchoring. Skipper on board are not responsible for cabins cleaning, kitchen and toilette cleaning, however they have to ensure the standard of hygiene on board. They are also fully qualified in CPR and First Aid.

What you need onboard:
We suggest you to bring only comfortable and informal clothes (depending on the type of cruise). Remember comfortable shoes for your walks when you are at destination and one pair of soft shoes with “white sole” which you will use only on board (this is because usual shoes and leave marks on the deckhouse). Remember a pair of long trousers a light sweater and a light jacket (K-way), hat and sunglasses.
Space onboard the vessel is very limited - for your own comfort and safety, luggage should be kept to an absolute minimum.

Cabin Type:

Our skipper will allocate cabin rooms on arrival. If you are travelling alone you will be paired up with a passenger of the same gender if possible which will mean sharing a double cabin with a double mattress. You will share both bathrooms with all the other passengers.

While living in such closed spaces might not be everyone's cup of tea, the excitement of the trip will certainly make up for the discomfort.



- IOAB requires a Kitty which is a cash contribution from all travellers into a central fund managed by our crew to be paid at your arrival. The fund of € 200 pp to pay locally allows the crew to pay: fuel, taxes for marinas, insurance, tender, extra stops. Depending on local needs the amount may vary but in any case the unused difference will be returned.
- Remember to stop in a local store or supermarket before boarding to buy food and drinks for the week to store in the boat. Dinners are not included so you will be responsible for preparing your own meals onboard unless you decide to have dinner on land when stops are expected.

- The scheduled program may change according to weather conditions



  1. Via Salvador Allende, Salerno
  2. Conca dei Marini
  3. Positano
  4. Capri
  5. Punta Carena
  6. Ischia
  7. Procida
  8. Grotta Azzurra
  9. Via Salvador Allende, Salerno